Data are the currency of our time.

The use and exchange value of data are algorithmically driven.

Data production, collection, distribution, circulation, and ownership operate only as effectively as the algorithms enabling them.

AS is the critical study of the social, political and cultural life of the algorithm and its conditions of change, evolution and possibility. It critically assesses the social order(ing) of life effected by algorithms.

AS is the study of the digitization of data, the data-ification of life, the appification  of being, bio-instrumentation and the instrumentalizing and calculability of the everyday.

AS is the study of algorithmic knowledge, its epistemic formations and formulations.

AS is the study of algorithmically produced networks, the machinic production and inter-communication of networked machines. AS is, thus, the study of algorithmically enabled machine life.

AS is the study of the algorithmic subject: the social and political subject produced by and reproducing algorithmic practice, and its modes of being, doing, and becoming.

AS is the study of the algorithmically compelled (pre-)dictable futures, the consuming subjectivities it structures.

AS accordingly is the critical study of the algorithmically modeled restructuring of agency and its loss, autonomy and its strictures and restrictions.

AS, in short, is the critique of algorithmic capitalism, its mode of production, being and subjectivities; of transitory life; of consuming life; of political culture and cultural politics.

AS is the study of the increasing transitivity of data-fied social life, its coding, its codes, and its applications: the algorithmic.

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